Man of Steel Film Review

Man of SteelHey Peeps, the time has come to review one of the most anticipated films of the year; Man of Steel.

Man of Steel plays through key stages in Clark Kent’s/ Kal-El’s/ Superman’s (whichever name you want to call him but the actor’s names are Henry Cavill – adult, Dylan Sprayberry – 13 year old & Cooper Timberline – 9 year old) life including why he was sent to Earth from Krypton by his parent’s Jor-El (played by Russell Crowe) & Lara-El/ Lara Lor-Van… ok alien’s need to sort their s**t out and just have one name (played by Ayelet Zurer). Later stages in Clark’s life are shown to make him seem more emotionally human whilst facing certain life problems than in previous Supermans making you feel more connected to Clark as a person. As the below trailer shows Clark’s main enemy in Man of Steel is General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) who comes to Earth to find him; proving to be a powerful adversary on multiple occasions:

Amy Adams was given the chance to play Lois Lane and as one of the film’s main characters the expectations were high. Luckily she didn’t disappoint creating a new braver more hardened yet equally as attractive Lois. Producer & writer Christopher Nolan (Director of Dark Knight trilogy) alongside his co-writer David S Goyer have clearly made their mark on the film franchise creating a new style and in my opinion better Superman. The Man of Steel has what every great superhero film needs; you feel as if each blow the hero takes is a blow to you while the successes are also felt stirring a feeling inside yourself making you want to be that better person.

In conclusion the Man of Steel is a brilliant film, well worth the watch and for someone in the audience to my left during the showing a major turn on (every time the film went quiet I could hear rubbing noises). Whether or not it’s my favourite film this year I’m not sure; level pegging with Ironman 3 at a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.


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2 responses to “Man of Steel Film Review

  1. There is so much debate on how good this movie really is, there is half that says it is really good and the other half that says they made him the man of sponge (LOL)
    Meh, good thing I am not exactly a fan of superman…..but then again I always liked villains than I really liked superheroes…..hmm…never mind… *tip toes away*

    • …I have been expecting you mwahahahaha, admittedly I haven’t really been much of a fan for the previous Superman films but I really enjoyed this one for his emotional weaknesses, apart from that he’s far from a sponge (try throwing a sponge through a few skyscrapers… if you manage to I shall salute you as the greatest super villain of them all – Miss Sponge Thrower) lol

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